Desperado Day After

barn snow ledge.jpg

1. wife’s reminder: old men death by snow shovel.snow shovel landscape.jpg

2. bird blame: starving out here, you loafer.

bird feeder.jpg

3. Far horizon: ummm.

far horizon 2.jpg

4. Jail break: still days away.desperado 2.jpg


Dawning New Year

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Each moment invites  our eyes to look anew. Sepia honors age, the etching of hard-earned lines, the grace of bare branches wind-worn, plumes going silver-gold, walls turn to windows opening another world.

The Veil of Holy Days

christmas morning

Early morning, December 25, 2014

Holy days, still moments, stand sacred
In thin veils spanning worlds.

tree shell

July 10, 2014

When I move inside the oak crater,
A shell left when this earth’s branches
Separated from roots; new forms born.
I’m mindful of a mountain of acorns
As monuments, like memories, living on.

This existence we cling to might
Be less precious than rose scent,

cactus rose
Than the reality of rainbows, and visits
Loved ones pay through the mind’s eye.
Let’s not close the gracious veil:
Missing, the well-travelled tear, sighs.
Vestiges of rose return with secrets,
Whispering mysteries, listen, draw near

Baseball: Ode to Slow

Second base.  My favorite position.  I’d played shortstop, yeah, and all the other positions in little league, too.  But by the time I tried out for the college team, I knew my arm wasn’t strong enough for anywhere else, yet my hitting was good enough for the back end of the lineup.  Mainly, though, second lets you get in the game but still watch the grass grow.  The Hagerstown Sun are playing this afternoon; maybe I’ll go watch the right fielder

Imageand see if I can get an interview with him.  Or I can just stay home and watch Crash Davis (Bull Durham) again.

See–I need a break from the Hackasaurus.  I’m not sure what that is but imagine it’s the T-rex of MOOC-land.  Like Chad and @dogtrax.  They’re throwing out so many wildly fascinating models that I’m pooped out.  For example, early Sunday morning I click on the #CLMOOC Community page just to see what I missed since I opted for a good night’s sleep instead of going sleepless like Kevin.  And what do I get?


***** “a colorful, connected-learning-infused Thimble template for folks to remix” *****

Wow!  Chad features “font-weight visualization by color” and promises the prosumers among us will be able to “mark up passages that prompt intra-, inter-, and meta-textual questions. They could identify pro- and con- arguments in a text or cause-effect relationships and correlations.”

I’m torn between being way-excited and feeling overwhelmed more like the photo in Anna’s post next to Chad’s.  I’d like to jump right in like Kevin does but last time I tried to remix with Thimble, I got the three strike-outs in one game award; there’s a name for it, but I forgot.

Actually, I’m tweaked (I’d use an emotocon but haven’t mastered them yet) with Chad’s invitation, with the potential for “liberatory education.”  I suspect Chad’s work (alongside the many amazing applications in CLMOOC) has more chance of connecting with Freire’s vision than the cynical post-post modernism, and this NWP-led frontier technology heads toward authentic standards like Howard Rheingold’s Crap Detection 101.  I like it!

But for awhile today I’m just taking it slow, taking time to look for what fills the shutter and soothes the soul.  Like this



or this


the very hungry

and this


shutter speed



The qualities of light:

Camera-ready, gone, coming,

As ephemeral clouds shift.

With all constancy changing,

How dare we fail to imagine

Good distilling storms

Into crystal air,


Into hope,

Imagine trust anticipating


Of someday better

On Translating Hafez

On Translating Hafez


If we breath deep and long the rose

that we are painting,

its pollen affixes to our lashes,

its perfume to our tongue,

its name in our love.

Robert Bly and Leonard Lewisohn collaborated The Angels Knocking on the Tavern Door: Thirty Poems of Hafez.  Near the end of the book, Lewisohn notes their fifteen-year process.  I’m struck with the extensive labor, and I’m certain it must have been the process of doing this woork that was the reward and not any expectation of recognition or remuneration for a product.  This, of course, makes the volume so much the sweeter.